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To plan a holiday, or simply a weekend out, makes us often feel in some perplexity. Driving by car means more and more frequently that we may find ourselves stuffed in a highway traffic jam. Exhausting queues may upset our enjoyable days out with our family or friends, by reducing our time from a few days to a few hours.

Also when travelling by train, scheduled aeroplane or boat, we may not be certain that our departure and arrival times will be respected. And it is possible that we wait for hours at the railway station or at the airport.

Eliadriatica offers the ideal solution, providing a broad range of machines at complete disposal of its customers.

Each one of you may plan, to your liking, the site of your departure and arrival, no worries about traffic, strikes or other. You may take off directly from home and land at your favourite resort.

Leaving or returning in any moment you like, avoiding uncomfortable schedules, is another advantage offered by Eliadriatica, whose crew is able to cope with any time and route variations. Utmost privacy and comfort are our must.
We are ready now… What time would you like to leave?