Eliadriatica has been operative since 1994 in the aeronautical field. Since then it has been offering Heli Taxi and Air Taxi services and aerial support work both at home and overseas. The company provides both helicopter and aircraft services to satisfy all requests at any time by using all most favourable and suitable means.

The Headquarters are located in Faenza, right in the historic centre. Management and planning are performed there.

The operative and technical base is at Aerdelta Aerodrome in Ozzano Emilia, a few kilometres from Bologna, a favourable connection to the airports of Venice, Olbia, Florence, Rimini and Forlì.

Our fleet includes both helicopters and aeroplanes, all variously featured, to give efficiency and availability to 360°.

Eliadriatica, supported by important companies certified by ENAC-ITALIA, member of the Joint Aviation Authorities, provides excellent maintained aircraft, which ensure utmost safety and comfort conditions, according to ENAC-released Acceptance Certificates, in compliance with the JAR-145 European standard for maintenance, with the Aerial Work Certifications and the Air Operator’s Certificates, according to the JAR-OPS European requirements for Commercial Air Transport Operations.