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has time-saving as a main goal. We all are conditioned by time passing inexorably. Time is money, so it is unwise to waste it. A company’s success requires efficiency and management of both time and resources: to arrive fresher, sooner, with absolute safety and utmost privacy and comfort makes your company more profitable and effective, but most of all makes your life easier.

Avoid traffic! Use the most reliable and suitable means! Benefit from the opportunities given by Eliadriatica in the aeronautical field, from its flexibility and coordination with the operative office and its staff available day and night.

Please contact us for a free advice, you’ll be immediately satisfied. Decide when you want to leave and from where. We’ll bring you directly to your destination. Following your requests, we set at your disposal the machine which better fits your business or personal needs.

For fast selected transfers
home-factory, factory-factory, airport-factory you can employ the helicopter, the aircraft or both: the most appropriate one from the economical point of view, which will enable you to avoid waits, to be transported in utmost relax, to carry on your work undisturbed, or to enjoy the panorama.

We can guarantee complete service from when you go out of home until you get back. Do not worry about how to reach your destination: that’ s our job!
Do not forget that if you offer an aerial service to an important customer you’ll give your business a very special image.